ProjoMania Services

ProjoMania: Professionalism & Perfectionism

ProjoMania team understands that Odoo as an ERP is not a product to be sold, it is a solution which should help you to solve your business issues and a tool to help you to grow your business and be able to make good decisions depending on real-time reports.

ProjoMania team paying attention to every single detail in your business cycle. One of our missions is to help your team to be more organized and be professional.

Your employees are your main assets who should be saved by using an ERP system to automate their daily tasks and keep their eyes on how to improve and develop the core of the business.


We understand your need to trust your team, that's why we are doing our best to meet your expectations.

Our estimations are our deadlines.


We are depending on the transparency, delivering on time and involving the customer all the time.

Everything is documented.


We are aiming to deliver a high quality service to our customers.

We are caring about details.

Business Consultation


Send us your questions, get our answers

(Recommended for new customers)

$60 .00

per Email
  • Up to 10 questions
  • Accounting module is not included
  • No customization
  • No support


Get in touch with a Business Consultant

(Recommended for Tasks)

$ 90 .00

per meeting
  • 2 hours of online consultation
  • Accounting Module is included
  • Online meetings to solve your issues
  • 10 hours of customization (if needed)


A dedicated Business Consultant

(Recommended for Projects)

$ 100 .00

per hour
  • Remote Consultation to improve your business cycle
  • System Implementation & End user training
  • 20 hours of customization (if needed)
  • A documented manual for the system

Odoo Development


Best choice for small tasks

$ 35 .00

per hour
  • Quick and small tasks
  • Code Comments
  • Git tool is included


Enterprise package

$ 1,499 .00

per month
  • Part-time senior Developer
  • Unlimited customization
  •  Work with your team remotely


Great for big projects

$ 1,999 .00

per month
  • Full-time senior developer
  • Unlimited customization
  • Linux Administration experience