ProjoMania: We have cut-off our prices to half
More automation, less effort, lower cost, more accuracy, better efficiency

ProjoMania Team offers a special service of Odoo Database Migration using a custom tool that we have successfully built by our own efforts using our experience and understand of Odoo Database and our ability to map the data between the old Database and the new Database.

ProjoMania Migration tool is very flexible to fit with different schema. This difference is a result of the difference in installed modules for the same Odoo version. It was really nice to have such flexibility.

Our team was not satisfied till this moment with the flexibility, so we decided to work on more automation for analysis to improve the tool's understanding of the two Databases.  

We have found that: More automation, less effort, lower cost, more accuracy and better efficiency. So, we decided to work hard on automating many of manual procedures that saves time and efforts and minimize the human errors that also consume time for debugging.

Now, we can focus more on deliveries and to offer a better customer service. This allows us to move to other databases and software to migrate among their own versions OR to migrate one system to another.

ProjoMania: We have cut-off our prices to half
12 October, 2020
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What make ProjoMania special with Odoo DB Migration?
Time Effective, Accuracy, Up-to-date data and Life-time support