What make ProjoMania special with Odoo DB Migration?
Time Effective, Accuracy, Up-to-date data and Life-time support

Odoo Database Migration is really a challenging task that consume time and efforts.

It needs a deep experience with Odoo database scheme and a deep understanding of changes between the current version and the target version.

This deep understanding should consider the changes not only in DB Scheme (Tables, relations and constraints) but also to understand, implement, transform data to adapt the difference in business cycle between two versions.

ProjoMania Team were able to find a solution and to implement this solution to fit with a wide range of DBs regardless which modules are installed and whether it is standard, third party or custom modules.

What make ProjoMania services special?

I got this question on LinkedIn:

Actually, it is a good question that we already planned to answer in details.

The short answer is: Time effective, Accuracy, Up-to-date data, Life time support.

Time Effective

ProjoMania Team has already invested a lot of time and effort in writing automated,  configurable and flexible tool.

With automation, ProjoMania Team can deliver the first version in a few days. The final version can be delivered in 3 weeks max.

  • Automation: The analysis phase is half-automated and we still working on automating it 100% to save more time. Once done with analysis, the data migration from source DB to target DB is 100% automated.

  • Configurable: Each project has its own specifications to consider like the scheme differences. 
    Odoo Database Migration from v8.0 to v12.0 is totally different from migration from v8.0 to v13.0.
    We have considered this to deliver accurate migration as much as possible.

  • Flexible: We are considering delivering multiple versions of the DB. Each time, we ask the customer to test and give feedback.
    The feedback is utilized to re-configure the tool multiple times as we get deep understand as we go. 

Data Accuracy

Accuracy during migration is the most valuable advantage as we pay a lot of attention for tables, relations among them, constraints and even tables and fields with different names and properties (required or unique) are implemented too.

Up-to-date data

Another advantage that make ProjoMania your choice for the next Odoo Database Migration project is we deliver the most updated data.

During the analysis phase, we actually work on configuring our tool using the customer's feedback. During the analysis phase and testing, the old DB still working and gets updates for master data and transaction data.

By the end of the analysis phase, we will be ready to schedule a weekend for the final migration. In the scheduled weekend we expect to have a backup of the most recent DB that contain the most recent data.
During the weekend, we will deliver the final migrated DB that can be used in the first day of the next week.

Life-time support

As a result of investing time and effort, we were able to offer a life-time support for the migrated data.

We trust that we can deliver a migrated DB with less issues as possible that usually reported by customers / end-users in 45-60 days after delivering final version.

In other words, Life-time support is an advantage that customer will not need in 60 days maximum.


What make ProjoMania special with Odoo DB Migration?
24 September, 2020
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