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Mohamed Magdy

Odoo Developer & Trainer

 With 7+ years of development and training in Odoo and a desire to invest it to share knowledge, I have started working hard to empower Odoo community by helping new comers to learn more about Open Object Framework to build effective modules that fit with the real world.


As long as the Odoo development certificate is missing, I decided to share trainees profiles as a proof that they got enough training on Open Object Framework and they are ready to join existing teams in your company since they're ready to add value to running projects

Odoo Development Training

(June 2020)

Mohamed Saeed

- Odoo Developer -

Email: midosaid060@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +201212019299

Doha Alamiri

- Odoo Developer -

Email: dh86fm@gmail.com

Khalil Ibrahim

- Odoo Developer -

WhatsApp: +966 54 664 2718