Build Odoo APIs

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Build APIs in Odoo

Building APIs to interface with Mobile Apps

and other websites is very common these days. 

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Web Apps

Integration with other Web Apps

Sometimes you have an existing web app that really works great and your customers are familiar with.

All you need is to start using Odoo to get reliable reports.

Integration through APIs can help with integrating with Odoo as a backend platform.

Mobile Apps

Integration with Mobile Apps

You are trying to get more sales and better experience for your customers by building a mobile application.

Having a flexible APIs in Odoo to interface with your mobile app will be very helpful for this purposes.

You also need to make them secure with tokens.


This course is built for:

  1. Odoo Developers: Who already have a good experience with Odoo backend development and want to know more about APIs.

  2. Odoo Functional Consultants: Who have a basic knowledge about developing in Odoo and want to know more about Odoo APIs capabilities 

Course Content

This course aims to offer a solid knowledge about building APIs in Odoo to integrate with other applications (Web / Mobile) by discussing the following points:

  • Authenticate users by custom tokens.

  • Read / Get data from Odoo.

  • Create / Post data to Odoo.

  • Understand routing in Odoo.

  • Build a documentation using Postman.

  • Discuss the responses from Odoo.

  • Parameters you need to send in request body and headers.

Tools to be used

There are two main tools to be used in this course:

  • Pycharm CE, to write the python code.

  • Postman Desktop App, to test and document APIs.

By the end of the course

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Build APIs in Odoo by PyCharm

  • Write a good documentation using Postman.

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July 26, 2021
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July 28, 2021
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