Odoo Development Training

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Odoo Development Training

Learn how to use Open Object to build Odoo apps.

This course intended to Arabic speakers


This training sessions are meticulously planned and designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Your time is valuable, so our goal is to best prepare you while taking up the least amount of your time possible.

Trainer: Mohamed Magdy 

No. of planned hours: 40 hours (5 days * 8 hours include a break).

Price: 4000 EGP


  • A machine with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installed (Virtual machine is OK).

  • Install PyCharm CE.

  • Python Basics is a must.

Target Audience:

  • New comers to Odoo development.

  • Python developers who needs to know about Open Object Framework.

  • Odoo developers who wants to improve their skills by understanding Open Object Framework.

  • Odoo Implementer who wants to learn a new skill.

Course Plan:

  • Download and install Odoo 13.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

  • Configure Development Environment using PyCharm CE.

  • Discuss ORM and MVC in Open Object Framework.

  • Explore and understand Open Object Framework.

  • Use `scaffold` to create a new module.

  • Add a new model with simple fields.

  • Build tree and form views.

  • Use Odoo PyCharm Templates to build modules smoothly.

  • Create more advanced fields and learn how to use them.

  • Examples using shell commands.

  • Api constraints vs SQL constraints.

  • Odoo Security Framework (Users, Groups, Rules and ACL).

  • Build reports using QWeb.

  • Introduction to Odoo website pages and Controllers.

Date & Time
July 5, 2020
Start - 9:00 AM
July 9, 2020
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Cairo

Mohamed Magdy


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