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Upgrade Odoo Modules

Move to the next version of Odoo

Every year in October, Odoo gets new great features to add a real value to your business so that you can run it smarter and smoother.

With real experience, our team will be able to upgrade your custom module to be compatible with the new concepts in the new versions. 

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Migrate Odoo Database

Do not leave your historical data behind

With well-structured tools, we can help you to migrate your data from old Odoo version to a newer version of Odoo.

Master data, Transaction data, Attachments and Social logs will be included and validated during the process.

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ProjoMania offers variety of ERP services professionally to empower your business management to run smoothly and effectively by analyzing your requirements, understanding your needs and finding the best solutions to empower your team for a better company performance.

How do we work?

Get Perfect with Professionals


The most important phase for any implementation is to have a deep understanding of your business, suggest solutions and work on validating these solutions before starting with the implementation, customization and deployment.


A good plan will guarantee the efficiency of execution and delivery on time with high quality.

In Planning we aim to define priorities based on business needs and the technical prospective.

Move to action

Set milestones, Breaking down tasks, Define roles for stack holders are ready to take place to get discussions, plans and solutions ready for real-world deployment.


ProjoMania Team

We are a team of believers and doers who can get dreams real. We all believe that we can change the world and make it a better place, that's why we decided to use our experience to help business owners to run their business smooth as possible.

Mohamed Salah

- DB Migration Specialist -

An active Odoo Developer who added a great value to Database Migration tool


Islam Mohamed

- CTO -

A smart Odoo Technical Consultant who is really knows how to do magic
with business solutions

Mohamed Magdi

- CEO & Founder -

An ambitious team member who can inspire team with new ideas